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Surrounded by purified air, wherever you are

The CleanLight collection is a product lineup with different UV air purifiers we developed during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Within only eight months of development, we quickly shifted our product strategy and launched them to meet the world's demand. This results in this product collection became one of our best-selling product line up, netting over half of a million-dollar revenue in 12 months. 

Within the collection, we have both portable and home versions of the CleanLight products. In 2021, we also started developing a travel version for the post-pandemic time and the baby market with CleanLight Snooze.

CleanLight_Product Lineup_Icons (CLA).png

CleanLight Air

CleanLight_Product Lineup_Icons (CLA Pro).png

CleanLight Air Pro

CleanLight_Product Lineup_Icons (CLA XL).png

CleanLight Air XL


CleanLight Snooze



Our first CleanLight product is CleanLight Air. We were able to source and develop this product in only three months, ready to ship to our customers. It became one of our best-selling products in 2020, while our other everyday carry product sales took a hit during the pandemic.

It is a portable UVC air purifier that can be used at the office or in the car. It can fit perfectly into the cup holder, and it only weighs 10oz. It has an additional charging port to charge user's favorite devices. It can be easily powered on by a USB plug or any power bank.

CleanLight Air


The CleanLight Air Pro is an even more portable version of the UV air purifier vs the CleanLight Air. We got feedback from our customers that they wanted a truly portable option of our CleanLight. So we integrated a 1800mAh battery, which allows for up to 4 hours of on-the-go purification. 


We even increased the CleanLight Air Pro's portability by making it a smaller package with filterless negative ion technology. Along with the UV-C rays, it can still purify and kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It also includes a cup holder attachment for use in the car, on the plane, or in a stroller.

CleanLigh Air Pro


CleanLight Air XL is our most powerful yet compact UV air purifier for large rooms at home or office. At less than 8" tall, it is over 50% more compact than comparable air purifiers. CleanLight Air XL features a high-powered, whisper-quiet fan that can purify up to 550 sq ft of space, making it ideal for a home office, bedroom, or living space.

CleanLight Air XL uses a combination of UV light and a certified Hepa filter to remove 99.995% of harmful particles from the air. The filter can be easily replaced by simply open the small latch on the back of the CleanLight Air XL, and slide it out.

CleanLight Air XL


CleanLight Snooze is our most innovated air purifier. It has the same features as all of our CleanLight products - a portable air purifier that uses UV-C rays and an H13 HEPA Filter to purify the air and kill 99% of harmful pathogens in your air. Its main difference is its built-in sound machine, which offers you 5 soothing sounds to choose from so you can enjoy a deep, peaceful sleep.


CleanLight Snooze is a great companion while you travel or at home in your bedroom or child’s nursery. The CleanLight Snooze includes a sleep timer that can be set for 30, 60 or 90 minutes and also features an aromatherapy diffuser for you to add your favorite essential oils.

CleanLight Snooze


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